Chaco Necklace

Navajo Pearl Saucer Necklace

Navajo pearl saucer beads with a 2” extension chain. An offset slice of turquoise gives this traditional style necklace a hint of mystery.


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Style #1980 Chaco
Men’s Beaded Necklace
Silver Navajo Pearl Beads are 7.5mm.
Length is 24”. All sterling silver.

Navajo Pearl Bead Necklaces: Oxidized sterling silver beads are otherwise known as “Navajo pearls”. The Navajo tribe used these beads to trade for goods and today the term continues to represent the time-consuming process of oxidizing and hand-finishing the beads, resulting in an antiqued appearance. Many Navajo people continue to create these beads used in classic men’s southwestern jewelry. Raven Road SW Navajo Pearl beads are machine-made, but completely hand-finished. With proper care, your Men’s Silver Bead Navajo Pearl Necklace will only get better with age
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