What’s New at Raven Road

Navajo Pearls. Incredible men’s silver bead bracelets and men’s silver bead necklaces. The Navajo Pearls line at Raven Road is our newest line. Their beauty is in their simplicity. Endlessly mixable with any of our other Leather and Natural Stone Bracelets or our Natural Stone and East Meets West Spiritual Necklaces. They are absolutely eye-catching. Wear individually for a subtle statement or combined multiple pieces for a bold, relaxed, chill vibe.

Navajo Pearls are traditionally handmade sterling silver beads. The ultimate southwestern mens jewelry. They are a traditional art form for Diné silversmiths, the Navajo artist of the American southwest, and there is as many different shapes as there are artisans.

Making a Navajo Pearl is a time-consuming process. Each of our beads start as machine-made but then are completely finished by hand. They begin with silver that has to be melted, rolled and cut. Holes are punched, and rounded. The beads are then sanded, oxidized and polished by hand. Our machine-made beads will have a perfect uniformity, but the hand finish brings about the lustre of a traditionally made Navajo Pearl.

You can copy this look with the Navajo Pearls on our site.