Simplicity Bracelet

Matte Hematite Stretch Bracelet

Matte-finished hematite cubes with a dash of turquoise, sponge coral and sterling silver beads make a sweet and simple statement.


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Style #1925 Simplicity Bracelet
Men’s Black Beaded Bracelet
Hematite Beads are 3.5mm.
Strung on elastic cord at the standard length of 8″
If you need a different length contact us.

Natural Stone Beaded Bracelets: In addition to being very beautiful, natural stones, on our Men’s Beaded Bracelets, are known to have many benefits for the wearer; better health, better focus and protection from negative elements, to name a few. Most of these beaded bracelets are strung on very durable elastic cord, making them easy to wear for any size wrist and a great gift. See Raven Road’s complete Natural Stone Beaded Bracelet collection



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